A perfect fit.

Traditionally, communication between designers and engineers has been a tough road to navigate. Not because they do not want to communicate, but because they see the road in different ways. Designers generally see a super highway of infinite color schemes, inexhaustible shapes, and endless sizes. The engineer’s road is completely different, driven by a set of stringent boundaries, theoretical foundations, and practical disciplines. As the technology industry continued to expand its footprint into mobile and data driven products, it began to become apparent that the historical siloed system between design and engineering was organically starting to break down. This transformation opened the door for a new line of tools that allowed designers and engineers to work closer together. Sketch was one of the first programs that harnessed new technologies to bring designers closer to the development environment. Zeplin then took it one step further and allowed for a much deeper and easier communication channel between designer and engineer.

It’s no accident that the most successful agencies today use Zeplin to bring client projects to market quicker and with a better overall experience. Working together as a cohesive unit not only builds better products, but expands your team’s knowledge and empathy for each other’s needs. Zeplin is a welcomed addition to any designers Sketch toolkit!

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.  -James Cash Penney

I highly recommend Sketch AND Zeplin to any designer that wants to elevate their work.