Motivated by the desire to create.

A hands-on Chief Creative/Marketing Officer with over two decades of experience and insight into both creative, development, marketing, and team management. I am hyper focused on marketing innovation, technical transformation, user experience design, digital growth strategies, and cultural team building. Exceptional knowledge of design, marketing, user interaction, development, and the brand creation processes.

✪ Management Skills:
⇨ Strategic Design Planning and Brand Execution
⇨ Marketing Strategy, Design, and Implementation
⇨ Cross-Functional and Cultural Team Building
⇨ Managing, Developing, and Leading Teams
⇨ Technical Innovation and Change Management
⇨ Client Relationship Management
⇨ Problem Solving and Accountability
⇨ Product Development and R&D
⇨ Financial and P&L Management

✪ Technical Skills:

⇨ Strategic Design and Brand Execution
⇨ Technical ArchitectureMobile, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, AWS Design, and Development
⇨ Product Design and Development
⇨ UI/UX Design and Prototyping
⇨ Web Design and Development
⇨ Software Design and Development
⇨ Marketing Collateral Design and Production
⇨ Print Design and Production

✪ Tools of the Trade:
⇨ Software: Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Wordpress, GoogleWeb Design, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Apps, Dropbox, Salesforce, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku, Google App Engine, Apache, DigitalOcean, Rackspace, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and more.

✪ Management Training:
⇨ Dr. Rodger Hendrix (Hendrix Consulting), Center for Sales Strategy (CSS), Dale Carnegie Management Course,Google training, and Yahoo! Corporate Music Training.Education: Microsoft MCSE, Graduate Gemologist, Certified Appraiser,Master Watchmaker, Certified Jeweler.

Rockstar Capabilities

Interactive Creative Team Building & Team Mentoring 100%
Website Design & Development 100%
Advanced Software as a Service (SaaS) & Platform as a Service (PaaS) 100%
Mobile Visual Experience Design (UI/UX Full Scope) 100%
Brand Identity Strategy & Design 100%
Website Strategy, Development Strategy, and Agile Methodology 100%
iOS & Android Native Apps 90%
Amazon AWS, EC2, Reshift, Elastic Beanstalk, Key Management, Kinesis, Lambda, CloudWatch, and ElastiCache 80%

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✪ Multi-industry experience with diverse brands:
⇨ Tiffany & Co., The Home Depot, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Budweiser, CBS Interactive, Sony, Blue Note, Emmis Interactive, Bonneville International, and Rivera Broadcasting.

✪ Awards:
⇨ Webby Awards, Davey Awards (6x winner), W3 Awards (6x winner), Interactive Awards, Design Firm Awards.

✪ Philanthropy:
⇨ The Purple Society, Childhood Cancer Foundation
⇨ St. Jude Research Hospital, Childhood Cancer Research Hospital
⇨ Childrens Cancer Consortium, Childhood Cancer Foundation Group

✪ Myers & Briggs (MBTI®) 2019 Results: ESTJ
⇨ People with ESTJ preferences drive themselves to reach their goal, organizing people and resources in order to achieve it. They often have an extensive network of contacts and are willing to make tough decisions when necessary. People with ESTJ preferences make up about 21% of leaders globally, the highest percentage for any of the 16 types, while representing only about 9% of the general population.

✪ My Kolbe Index® 2019 Results: 9632
⇨ Excellent in situations that require strategic organization of information. You set priorities and put them into appropriate sequences. Your talent with both strategies and tactics makes you essential to any massive effort.

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